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This year is off to an amazing start.  We’re less than two weeks in and I’ve had the honor, pleasure, and privilege of cowriting with Thea Ennen and Tim Lyles.

Both Tim and Thea have been extremely influential on my musical style, writing, all around approach to guitar playing, and life.  I feel blessed–to say the least.

10403740_10152328056916051_2919268169638962957_oThe songs are different from what I’d normally write, which is such a gift.  And the point. Collaboration is truly an amazing process.   I’m stretching and reaching new places on guitar, vocals, and with song structures/formulas.

With Thea, I’m learning to sing harmonies while  accompanying her piano playing and catchy melodies.

With Tim, we take song structures and chordal movements to a whole new level.  In fact, my fingers and hands ache after sessions with him. Aches and all,  Tim Lyles is one of my greatest teachers, a lifelong musical companion, and incredible friend.10001532_659517667418599_1637136532_n

My goal over the next few months is to record demos of the songs Tim and I create and make them available on SoundCloud.



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