2018, The Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye (aka the country record)

The Long Goodbye was an absolute blast to make. Absolute blast.

Rich Mattson and Keely Lane both brought the magic and its a record I feel very proud of – which is great since making it has been on my mind most of my musical career. I can’t take credit for the idea tho, that goes to my parents; they’re the ones who love country and made sure it was in my DNA. They’re the ones who said, “You should make a country record.”

The Long Goodbye (thanks Keely for thinking up this title) definitely hits some classic rock elements as well. My love of The Band, Stevie Nicks, Buffalo Springfield and Tom Petty bled through. This is where Rich especially excelled. He figured out how to blend sounds and styles perfectly, keeping the record grounded in fundamental country elements, while adding catchy riffs and incredible guitar solos.

Another favorite part of this record for me is the artwork. Larry May completely understood this project. He’s a good friend and knew I wrote the majority of songs while living in Duluth. And, he knew my eight years up north were the loneliest of my entire musical career. He took that knowledge and turned it into six panels of seclusion.

All and all, I’m very excited to share this record with you. I’m not sure if I still have a following, so I don’t know what size venue to release it in yet, but I am hoping to put something together soon. In the meantime, if you want to pick up a pre-sale, email me at Lisa at Lisa Kane dot com.

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Singer/Songwriter, Minneapolis/St. Paul